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Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited

IMS Certified

Flame Cutting, Bending and Marking Workshop

A Closed flame cutting, bending and marking areas equipped with a Plate Straightening Machine, three CNC Plasma Cutting Machines for a plate thickness up to 100 mm thickness,

Frame Bending machine with bending capacity of 500 Tons up to 130 mm thickness, Profile Straightening and Cold Bending machine up to 25 mm Thickness, Shearing Machine, 300 Tons to 1,500 Tons Hydraulic Press,

Edge Planner and overhead cranes with lifting capacity up to 10 Tons.

Prefabrication Workshop

The Pre Fabrication area equipped with automatic and semi-automatic Electric Welding machines. The crane capacities and heights are designed to build small size ship blocks, frames and other small parts inside the workshop.

Block Fabrication Workshop

Open fabrication areas equipped with all support facilities like compressed air, various gases, suitable electrical connections for lighting and welding and two gentry cranes up to 50 Tons capacity to build the large ship blocks in sections.

Light Steel Fabrication Workshop

Closed fabrication area, well equipped in accordance with the small thickness material, involved for cutting, shearing, bending, rolling, welding and fabrication. The workshop has a number of automatic and semi-automatic Electric Welding machines and is designed to build the light steel structures, aluminium structures and panels, air ducting, manhole covers, hatch covers, foundations and ladders inside the workshop.

Pipe Bending and Fabricating Workshop

The pipe bending and fabricating workshop has a facility to fabricate steel, stainless and copper pipes for cargo, ballast, heating and hydraulic systems. The workshop is capable of bending pipes with newly installed machines with the capacity of up to 200 mm diameter.

Painting and Blasting Workshops

The painting and blasting workshops area includes the most modern equipments providing painting, blasting, scraping facilities without being affected by dust, humidity and temperature.
Two closed blasting and painting facilities enable blasting and painting processes to carry out simultaneously regardless of the weather conditions. The Shipyard has comprehensive facilities and experienced team of workers for all kind of blasting works, painting, hydro-jetting and internal tank blasting/coating.

Joinery Workshop

The workshop services include provision of all the requisite furniture, paneling and ceiling works on board the vessels. The workshop is fully equipped with all essential machinery like circular and cross cut saws, planners, thickness sanders, presses and drilling machines.

Berths and Quay Walls

Karachi Shipyard’s jetties are deep enough to accommodate every kind of vessels in premises.
A total of five luffing cranes capacities up to 40 tons, are available at berths and quay walls. The details of building berths are as under:

Berth 1

Berth 2

Berth 3


15,000 DWT

6,000 DWT

26,000 DWT

Overall Length

169 m

118 m

213 m


23 m

24 m

31 m


30 & 40 Tons

40 Tons

40 Tons

Mechanical Workshop / Machine Shop

A well equipped mechanical / machine shop is designed to undertake all possible machining activities. A total of 140 light / heavy duty machines and 5 furnaces installed for completion of production activities by machining and heat treatment processes, including lathes machines (centre, heavy, capstan and turret), milling machines (horizontal, vertical and universal), horizontal and vertical boring machines, radial and horizontal drill machines, gear cutters, grinders, planers, shapers, circular saw machine and furnaces to carry out annealing, normalizing, hardening and tempering.

Lathes: Swing up to 2,500 mm X 12,000 mm long
Boring: 4,500 mm diameter X 2,500 mm long
Planing up to 6,000 mm X 1,800 mm
Gear Cutting: Spur Gear up to 800 mm dia and Helical Gear
up to 600 mm dia
Drilling: up to 100 mm
Heat Treatment: 1000X1000X2000mm (weight up to 10 MTN

Dry Docks

Dock 1

Dock 2


Graving Dock

Graving Dock


26,000 DWT

18,000 DWT

Overall Length

189 m

171 m

Inner width between walls

27 m

24 m


30 & 10 Tons

15 & 10 Tons

Accommodation Area

Karachi Shipyard has a modern 7 floor with 140 rooms available for comfortable accommodation of our foreign Technical Assistants. Karachi Shipyard is able to provide rooms for Superintendents and Owner’s appointed service engineers at very low cost. Next to the rooms, there is large dining hall and a cafeteria serving breakfast and dinner, with international TV channels, billiard, table tennis and gym. Also basketball pitch is available whenever the visitors wish to have a break.

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