KSEW, invites offer for disposal sale of the DISPOSAL materials on “As is & where is” basis:

SBST-6/DT-794 Old/Unserviceable Tyres 230-Nos
SBST-6/DT-797 Unserviceable Air Compressors 02-Nos
SBST-6/DT-801 Vehicles
1). Suzuki Cultus (Model 2004) 01-No
2). Suzuki Cultus (Model 2001) 01-No
3). Suzuki Cultus (Model 2001) 01-No
4). Suzuki Hi Roof (Model 1991) 01-No
SBST-6/DT-804 Used Grit 20-MTN (Approx)
SBST-6/DT-807 Scrap Wood (Mixed) 50-MTN (Approx)
SBST-6/DT-809 M.S Scrap (Mixed) 100-MTN (Approx)
SBST-6/DT-810 Electric Overhead Crane
(20-Ton) Capacity 01-No

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