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17,000 Tons Fleet Tanker

Construction of PN Fleet Tanker has been completed and the vessel was launched successfully on 19 Aug 2016. Construction was started on 27 Nov 2013 with steel cutting and subsequently keel laying was performed on 7 Mar 2014.

PNFT will provide not only logistic support to PN units at high seas but can also undertake combat support operations through embarked helicopters. PNFT is being built under the Class and will comply with IMO and MARPOL regulations envogue. For this, the ship is of double hull configuration. It is propelled by two diesel driven engines with controllable pitch propeller and can achieve a top speed of 20 knots at full load. PNFT is equipped with 4 x DGs for electrical power generation. With overall length of 158.4 m and maximum width of 22.0 m, the ship has scantling displacement of over 17000 tons.

32T Fleet Tanker

Contract for indigenous construction of a Fleet Tanker for Pakistan Navy was signed on 22 Jan 2013 between Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP), Pakistan and M/s STM of Turkey. As per the said contract, design of the ship along with Kit of Material (KoM) will be provided by M/s STM, whereas complete construction, outfitting, and trials will be undertaken by KS&EW. PN Fleet Tanker (PNFT) is the largest ship to be built in country to date.

Steel-Cut Keel BF paint

Fast Attack Craft (Missile)

Construction of Fast Attack Craft, FAC(M) No 4, was started on 09 Dec 2016 with steel cutting and subsequently keel laying was performed on 30 Mar 2017.

This ship is a state of the art, multi mission corvette having a length and breadth of 63 m and 8.8 m, respectively. The design draught of the ship is 2.46 m and displacement of 560 tons. The ship has maximum speed of 30 knots and a range of 1000 Nautical Miles. This ship is propelled by 04 Diesel Engines, 04 Propulsion Shafts with Fixed Pitch Propellers. The ship carries surface to surface missiles, 25 mm gun, CIWS, surface search and tracking radars. It has a stealthier design with state of the art combat system. The third vessel is an improved version compared to earlier vessels and will carry indigenous weapon system. The ship is being built under Chinese Classification Society Rules.

32T Fleet Tanker

Maritime Patrol Vessels

KS&EW is indigenously constructing two Maritime Patrol Vessels (MPVs) for PMSA of 600 and 1500 tons displacement. The 600 tons MPV was launched on 05 Dec 2017 and is scheduled to be delivered by April 2018 while the 1500 tons MPV will be completed by February 2019.

These MPVs will have the capability to operate independently or as part of a composite force in coastal and deep sea areas. MPVs will be utilized for different roles including Maritime SecurityOperations, Patrolling and Policing Operations against Asymmetric Threats, Surveillance of EEZ, Pollution Control, Disaster Relief and Intelligence gathering.

600 Tons MPV is 68 m long and has a maximum breath of 8.7 m. Propelled by four engines, the vessel has a top speed of 27 Knots while 1500 Tons MPV is 95 m long and has a maximum breath of 11 m. Propelled by two engines, the vessel has a top speed of 26 Knots.

32 Tons Bollard Pull Tugs

A contract for construction of 2 x 32 Tons Bollard Pull (TBP) tugs was signed between Ministry of Defence Production (MoDP) and KS&EW on 10 June 2016. Steel of both vessels has been cut and keel has been laid. These tugs are distinct due to its robust design and state of the art equipment and machinery, to facilitate multi-purpose operations. Each tug has 34 meter over all length with displacement of 481 tons. It has max speed of 12 knots and Bollard Pull of 32 Tons and fitted with a very robust fendering arrangement. The tugs will provide services for berthing, dry movement, towing, etc of ships and other vessels of Pakistan Navy. These will be the second and third tugs of the series that will be built at KS&EW for Pakistan Navy.

Bridge Erection Boats

Pakistan Army through MVRDE has awarded contract for construction of 22x Boats Bridge Erection. These boats are made up of Aluminum Alloy, powered with Cummins Marine Diesel Engine of 205HP, which can push it at a speed of 13 Knots. This 5.85 meters long boat has robust design and strong enough to withstand fast river currents. The boat is capable to hold the bridge in the center line for erection against fast river currents, and is capable to push/pull upto 2 ton floating load.

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